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Often, the possibilities of Oriental lamps in an interior go unnoticed, while these mosaic lamps are used in many interior styles. Many times, one thinks about a busy living environment, full of tiger patterns, busy luminaires, and explosions of color. This can be simulated by multi-colored oriental lamps, but don’t forget about the usage of more calm and soothing colors like transparent / white or black and white.

The lamps are handmade from shards of mosaic glass that make the most beautiful patterns. They are available in many variations and designs. These oriental lamps are finished with metal-colored suspension, which gives a calm appearance. By choosing a tranquil mosaic artwork, this ideally fits in a modern interior. The Oriental lamps from Oriental Lights have this look. You have the advantage to ask us for advice or inspiration, or even come visit our showroom, where you can admire our selection and purchase directly.

Oriental Lights is also the go-to-place for colorful Turkish lamps, often finished with beads and their copper-colored luminaire, these are chic looking variants. Here you can also choose for a color explosion or just the lamp in one color scheme, completely suitable for your very own interior.

Oriental lamps are known for their snug and intimate appearance, which are both non-burning and burning a lust for the eye. An oriental lamp should always have a nice look, be of perfect quality and affordable, plus fit in everybody’s interior.

Hopefully we’ve shed some light on these beautiful Oriental lamps. So …. Do you plan to enrich your interior with a new lamp, keep in mind the Oriental lamp!

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