Ibiza lamps – Boho style !

Ibiza is known for its relaxed atmosphere, hippie island, beloved by the jet set, excellent food and drinks. Ibiza is one of a kind.The Ibiza style is carefree, adventurous, and of course with global influences! Using Bohemian Living’s interior accessories, you create and complete this feeling. Picture yourself at Ibiza with a mild breeze of the sea, open your patio doors, enjoy the sun, the marvelous food with your friends at a large, stretched table, delicious wines, colorful and lustrous vases and tealight candle holders on the table. Savor every day and enjoy to the fullest! 

The Ibiza style is wonderfully colorful, using a large spectrum of colors, often times used in a predominantly white interior featuring mainly white walls. Resulting in a beautiful contrasted overall feeling. The styling can be finished by using a fair amount of green plants, plenty of colorful pillows, tealight candle holders and most importantly a breathtakingly beautiful mosaic lamp from Bohemian Living. Do you also want to import the Ibiza style to your very own interior? In our webshop you can choose and pick from a plethora of colors, therefore the perfect color combos for your interior are also available!

You can make it as exciting as you wish. Everything is fine and possible! Boho chic, Boho style! Are you still wondering which lamp best fits your interior? Please contact us, we’re pleased to advise you. You have the option to return your purchase, in case your not completely satisfied.

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